On the 16th of September 2019, Vignamaggio began picking grapes, with 30 people at work on 52 hectares of vines.

A day spent in the vineyards during harvest time is quite special: there is chatter to be heard in a variety of languages, a few lively Tuscan expressions filter through the branches, and at precisely midday, you sit on a field and eat.

Our multi-ethnic team began with the Merlot, always the first to ripen. Thanks to strong day night temperature fluctuations throughout September, ripening was gradual, consistent and complete: the berries were perfect, without any signs of dehydration. On the 19th, harvesting was interrupted by a solid downpour, but we were able to get back to work soon afterwards because the ground was grassy and it drained well.

On the 23rd of September we began to harvest the Sangiovese in the vineyards where the grapes were ripest. We also picked the Malvasia del Chianti and Trebbiano Toscano white grapes before continuing with the Sangiovese and the first section of the Cabernet Franc. The harvest went ahead quickly, apart from a few pleasant rainy intervals, that fortunately did the grapes no harm. Accompanied by autumn colours and crisp October air, we reached the last row: another year, another harvest completed.

Now all that remains is to celebrate, together, as we usually do after the harvest: The Vendemmia di Vignamaggio party is a unique event, when for a few hours the entire staff and our friends toast the harvest by enjoying some music and feasting.