It all begins in the olive groves.  An area of 30 hectares with 5000 trees, comprising of traditional Chianti cultivars: Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo and Pendolino.

Gli oliveti

The olives are handpicked at harvest time, which usually begins at the end of October. Olive picking is no easy task, especially after the rain when the ground is muddy. Once the olives are picked, they are loaded onto our tractors and taken straight to the mill and within 24 hours, are pressed using a continuous cycle system. The oil is then bottled, packed and sold. 


Vignamaggio’s team is a diverse group of men from Morocco, Kosovo and Italy who have been working for us for years.

Aziz, Mohammed, Stefano, Mattia, Tafil, Besir, Abdu, Andrea, Massimiliano, Hassan, Nevair, Leonardo, Antonio, Radoune are Vignamaggio’s farm workers and tractor drivers: our “team”.

Vignamaggio’s Oil

This year Vignamaggio introduces a new range of oil with brand new packaging and labelling. As well as our Prime Gocce, the Chianti Classico DOP extra virgin olive oil, the extra virgin olive oil and the seasoned oils (chilli oil and garlic and rosemary oil), this year Vignamaggio has introduced 2 single-cultivar olive oils: the Frantoio and the Moraiolo.

Olives EVo Vignamaggio