The town square, Piazza Matteotti, is the heart of the small town of Greve in Chianti.

Greve’s history and growth are unequivocally linked to its piazza, a marketplace since the 300’s.

Its position at the bottom of the valley and proximity to the river made it an ideal place for commercial encounters.

The main residential settlement, since medieval times, was the Montefioralle Castle. From here and from the surrounding farms, sellers and buyers and would go down to Greve’s piazza, (then known as “Mercatale di Greve”, the Greve Market Square) to buy and sell livestock, bread, wine, oil and vegetables.


Greve’s piazza was situated in a strategic position; an intersection of 4 roads, still used today: the road from Montefioralle to Greve (past the Museo di San Francesco), the road between Siena and Florence and the road from Valdarno that runs through the Sugame forest before reaching the piazza.

Over the centuries, the piazza became the most important market in the area and a hamlet slowly began to develop around it. In 1600, the temporary lean-tos and canopies housing trestle tables displaying merchandise, were replaced with bricked porticoes.

Today the piazza’s characteristic triangular shape forms a splendid perspective corridor embellished with flower adorned terraces. The piazza is bordered by porticoes filled with restaurants and shops.


Casa dell'Olio Vignamaggio

In the Piazza at number 83, a few steps from Macelleria Falorni, you’ll find Casa dell’Olio Vignamaggio, a welcoming shop where you can stop to taste our extra virgin olive oil based products, page through a book or buy a gift.

You can also ask for any information you require about the estate or book a tour at Vignamaggio.

We are waiting for you, EVERYDAY from 10:00 to 19:00 (OPEN ALL DAY) at Piazza Matteotti 83.

Greve in Chianti Olio Vignamaggio