Today we had a chat with our oenologist Barbara Tamburini, who became a part of our Vignamaggio world last year.

Your passion for wine: how did it begin and how did you end up at Vignamaggio?

Barbara: My decision to become an oenologist was born in my adolescent years, out of a desire for a career that would allow me to be outdoors, in wide open spaces, and have contact with people who would stimulate me intellectually and culturally.

When the moment came for me to decide which degree to take, I felt that a career in winemaking would provide me with the kinds of opportunities and lifestyle I was hoping for.

I enrolled at the University of Pisa in the faculty of Agriculture, where I first completed a higher diploma in Food Technology, majoring in Viticulture and Oenology. Then I completed a degree in Viticulture and Oenology. It all worked out well for me because I immediately fell in love with this wonderful profession, and after 25 years I am still here.

What does it mean today to be a woman in the world of winemaking?

Barbara: I’ve never seen myself as any different from any other young person, passionate about a particular profession, trying to make my mark on my chosen career path, with what I have to offer, with determination and a lot of enthusiasm. Honestly, I can’t say whether the fact that I am a woman has helped or hindered me. Either way, personally, I can’t say I have ever really given it much thought. In my professional capacity, I’ve always strived to be acknowledged for the quality of the wine I produce.


Expectations for the future: what surprises can we expect from the Vignamaggio wines and cellar?

Barbara: Vignamaggio is an extraordinary winemaking environment. We work in a way that fully encompasses both the farm and the cellar to obtain healthy and perfectly matured grapes. This is necessary for producing balanced and elegant wines with a lot of character, to bring out in each the best qualitative expression of the grape it is made from, grown in Chianti Classico territory. I am very satisfied with the results we are achieving: with the star of our vineyards, the Sangiovese, similarly with the concentrated and elegant Merlo, and of course the Cabernet Franc, another varietal that has really been fascinating me for a while now. The upcoming Rose and White as well, pleasant and full of the vigor of spring!

Is it true that you are known as the “Queen of Merlot”? Can you tell us why

Barbara: I was awarded the “Premio Protagonisti Eccellenti” in 2015 at the important national oenological competition Mondo Merlot, because 7 wines produced by me had reached the podium for 5 consecutive years.