Why visit Chianti? Here are 10 enticing reasons to leave the city for a few days to explore the beautiful Chianti countryside.

  1. Escape the city

After a few days of visiting museums and shops or crowded Florentine monuments, the tranquillity of the hills surrounding Florence will certainly be enticing.

How to get there? By Scooter Noleggio Vespe  , taxi Chianti Taxi or bus Autobus.


2. (Not) Choosing between Florence and Siena

You really can’t decide which city to visit first?

All that separates Florence and Siena are the rolling forest-covered hills of Chianti. To visit both the art cities you can’t avoid a trip along the Chiantigiana, the road that winds through this magnificent area where you can stop to visit the ancient hamlets and cellars scattered among the hills.


 3. Some History

The city of Florence and its Chianti countryside are united by a strong bond and a common history. The Chianti villas are where you will discover the roots of generations of families that held economic and political power in both the countryside and city for centuries.


4.“With some fava beans and a nice Chianti”

“Chianti” is a word that all of us have heard somewhere.

Is it an area, a particular wine or is it a synonym for “Tuscan wine”?

A tour will clarify this once and for all: the story of the Black Rooster, the difference between Chianti wine and the Chianti territory, the reason for the establishment of the Chianti Classico Consortium and its century old history.

5. Wines and Cellars

In Chianti you can visit Tuscany’s historical cellars and buy wine directly from the winemakers. Wine tasting is a unique opportunity to get into the heart of these cellars, to taste wine made by local winemakers and to learn about the various stages in the wine making process.

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6.Extra virgin Olive Oil

Chianti Classico DOP oil is intensely aromatic with a green and fruity flavour. A visit to the area would not be complete without first biting into a crispy slice of toasted bread soaked in fresh olive oil, a “fettunta”, accompanied by a nice glass of wine. There is a shop specialising in Vignamaggio’s olive oil sales in Greve in Chianti’s beautiful piazza, piazza Matteotti 83.

7. Cheese and cured meat

Chianti is not limited to wine and oil however. There are also small-scale sheep and pig farms, producers of cheese and cured meats, that are committed to humane treatment of their animals and to maintaining traditional farming methods.


The Chianti forests are alluring and mysterious. If you enjoy walking in nature and silence, far away from city bustle, this is the place for you. One of the most popular trails follows an ancient procession route to the Santa Maria della Neve church.


9. Secret Gardens

As well as forests, olive groves and vineyards, the gardens of Chianti’s villas and castles are little patches of heaven on earth where you can enjoy some peace and quiet.

Entrance and guided tour of the garden and cellars at Vignamaggio: 10 Euros


10. Feed your feed: take beautiful pictures of the ancient Tuscan hamlets.

Chianti is littered with little hamlets, all worth a visit, even if only to take a couple of photos and appreciate the views. In the bigger towns like Greve and Panzano, you can explore boutiques, shops, restaurants and the famous butcher shops. Greve in Chianti’s annual antiques market is not to be missed and takes place on Easter Monday every year.