An old acquaintance

Case all'Orto | Vignamaggio

Case all’Orto was part of the property until the ’90s. Guido’s father was actually born in this house lying about two kilometres from Vignamaggio, an old farm surrounded by fruit trees and once renowned for its vegetables.

Nowadays Case all’Orto is part of Vignamaggio’s property again. Settled on the green Montagliari plain, on a route enjoyed by hiking enthusiasts, Case all’Orto has been faithfully restored, retaining its original structure.

Ideal for families with children or for groups of friends looking for somewhere to spend time together while still being able to enjoy their own privacy, Case all’Orto consists of two independent units: Orto, the old barn and Erbavoglio, the adjacent farmhouse.Vignamaggio Greve in Chianti Farmhouse Orto

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