Vignamaggio Christmas Flag

Christmas is coming: the mantra that resounds at this time of year almost everywhere, from cities and the countryside, hills and autumn-coloured woods, to the Borgo. A lightweight iron support to make the flag’s supporting structure.

A beautiful oak branch dotted with lichen, on which red sprigs of Cornus sanguinea are woven, to make the rod with which to suspend it from the door. Sage green velvet ribbon.
Erica arborea to build the back of the composition, on which branches with iridescent oak leaves are woven, sprigs of Cupressus sempervirens with its gàlbuli (the small pine cones that embellish the cypress) and Arbutus unedo (the strawberry tree) with sweet red and orange fruits, reminiscent of small Christmas decorations. To create volumetric accents, curiously shaped leaves of the plant called ‘deer antlers’ (Platycerium) are inserted laterally.

An exotic note given by Protea L. stands out in the heart of the flag, alongside the small dots of colour: purple and blue flowers of Eryngium, bright green pom-poms of Dianthus barbatus, pine cones of Pinus pinea (domestic pine) and Pinus pinaster (maritime pine) and earth-coloured curls of the oaks surrounding the village.
Et voilà! To conclude, mistletoe (Viscum album), what better decoration than one that recalls an ancient tradition of luck and love?